The Pickup

We picked up Betty Bus a week later, on the 5th November. A train ride down to Guildford where Steve from Eastfalia picked us up in a lovely old convertible Beetle. I’m in no way a car person, but it is easy to see the charm of these cars.

The van was ready and waiting for us back at Eastfalia’s premises. After all the form filling we checked the van over and found the windscreen washers weren’t working. Steve fixed them quickly and was very apologetic and fairly embarrassed. Job done and we headed off. Our first challenge, turning onto the fast moving A3. I’ll admit to taking a fair bit of time before committing to pulling out!

Other than that it was an uneventful journey home. Driving a left hand drive van was not a problem at all, other than occasionally trying to open the door instead of changing gear…

Then we started cleaning. She didn’t look too dirty, but once we started cleaning we found she hides the grime well.

Then fireworks stopped play for the evening 🙂


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