Weather was lovely today, so tried out the bike rack and went out for a ride.

Brakes getting better, still leaking oil though 😦



It’s so cold (-11c last night on the drive home from the oldies) that my screwdriver shattered when I tried to undo a stuck screw on the bus today. Retired back inside for bacon sarnies!


After new brake shoes and cylinders were fitted, plus a small oil leak was fixed, she’s back on the road.

While she’s been parked up we’ve also done a few more jobs on her –

  • The tailgate door seal has been replaced as it was leaking and the carpet was getting wet.
  • Fitted Heko wind deflectors so that we can keep the windows open a bit even when the weather is bad.
  • Replaced the 12v socket in the dashboard.
  • Fixed the heater blower switch, although waiting for a 4 position switch to be delivered from the US as could only source a 3 position switch here.
  • Fitted a cup holder on the driver’s side. Can’t do road trips without coffee!
  • Fitted a Fiamma bike rack.
  • We’ve also started tidying up some of the wear and tear on the inside.

Still got quite a few more jobs to do, while prepping the underside for underseal, noticed that the jubilee clips on the diesel heater had corroded through. Theres a few spots of rust to try and arrest, plenty of wear and tear inside to sort out, another attempt at cleaning the carpets, change the headlights to RHD, fit the uprated wiring loom for the headlights (a common problem on T4s), fit some mud flaps. Fitting the bike rack means we need to find some uprated gas struts for the tailgate! There’s some play in the steering column that needs looking at and probably lots of other things that we have’t found yet!