Escape to River Cottage

We booked tickets for the Get Growing in Spring event at River Cottage some time ago. Then we realised it clashed with Volksworld. Oops. At least it meant there were plenty of great looking cars and vans to see on the way down.

We took a different route down to what we’d normally take to that part of the world to take in the very impressive Stonehenge.


We met up with our friends Sarah and Sid at Hook Farm campsite in Uplyme, which is not too far from River Cottage HQ, Park Farm. They’d recently bought a caravan and I was still having trouble believing that they weren’t just winding us up. But it’s true and really quite nice. A four ring hob and a bathroom, pure luxury!


Deciding to go overboard on the RC theme, we booked a table at the Canteen in Axminster for dinner. Very nice it was too.

Sunday was the main event and it was excellent. Between us we learnt a great deal which will help us improve our little plot of vegetables and fruit. As seems to be a theme with our holidays, we came home with a new plant (a dwarf peach tree!). Mark Diacono (ex RC Head Gardener and now runs Otter Farm) was very helpful regarding a spot in our garden that we’ve been looking to use, but it’s always in the shade.

Sarah and Sid got themselves a book on Seaside foraging, signed by the author and were last seen heading for the sea ūüôā

A great weekend, and best of all we didn’t break down, although there were moments when we thought we wouldn’t reach the top of a hill.


Seeing the light

Finally managed to fit the RHD headlights.  What a difference!  What a palaver! Think they are pointing a bit high still, but nobody coming the other way flashed us.  
It’s taken three weeks to get one of the panels off the front of the bus due to a¬†seized¬†screw. ¬†We also fitted an up rated wiring loom, but that fell apart, so had to remove that. ¬†

And to top it all off, I had no idea we had parking lights and spent a few hours trying to work out why the headlights weren’t working properly. ¬†D’oh.

Nice to be able to see at night though.