Scotland: Applecross

We looked at the map and decided that the direct road to Applecross, over the top of a mountain, would be too much for our van and so decided to take the indirect route around the coastal road.

With our journey planned, we made our first stop at Neptune’s Staircase to marvel at the engineering.  It’s pretty impressive.

We stocked up on supplies and fuel and headed off to enjoy the road to Applecross.  It’s an interesting drive, mostly on single track lanes around tight corners, up and down steep hills.  With very few settled areas along the way and no phone signal, it’s not the sort of place you’d want to break down.  The views from the road were stunning.

Applecross itself is a pretty little village with a single pub, a shop, a community run petrol station and a campsite.  There’s a few houses and not much else.  If there is a heaven, I hope it is a lot like Applecross.

We parked up at the campsite and wandered down to the pub for a drink and to take in the views.  Feeling lazy we’d decided to eat out, but the pub looked pretty busy so we chose instead the campsite’s own restaurant.  It was very nice and a lovely environment to eat in.

We only had one night planned here, it would have been nice to stay another one or two nights as there was plenty of walking in the area.  So we quizzed the lady in the shop about where was best and followed her directions to Coral beach to try and spot some otters.  Sadly none were to be found, but the Coral beach was stunning and we spotted a seal colony on the way back.

Applecross has been made famous by Monty Hall’s Great Escape programme on the television (For a couple who don’t own a TV, we do seem to end up lots of places related to TV programmes…)  We went to vista the croft that he’d used for the show and it is sad to see that it has fallen back into disuse and disrepair.


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