Scotland: Ben Nevis

The main reason for stopping in this part of Scotland was to climb Ben Nevis, if we got the weather.  We weren’t expecting the heatwave that we were experiencing!  The weather forecast said that rain was a possibility, so we had to take some waterproofs.  Given the heat, we decided against taking the stove and soup, only took one small flask of tea and loaded up with water.

We started at Glen Nevis at the main car park.  We parked next to another California, a German one, which was nice.  We’d considered the various routes up and given the heat decided to take the tourist route up. It’s a spectacular walk up, we had a snow ball fight when we found the first snow.

The sky was clear with no sign of the forecast rain, and it didn’t feel much cooler as we headed up.  Four hours after leaving the car park, we reached the snow capped summit.  What a view, worth every step.

We carefully made our way back down on tired legs and went in search of a fish and chip shop!


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