We stayed at the campsite just outside of Tobermory.  Very different to the campsite we had just left in Skye, but it was clean enough.

Tobermory is very pretty (many people will know it is Balomory).

We stayed for a few days and went on a boat tour to Treshnish Isle to see the puffins and other sea birds, and Staffin Island to see Fingals Cave.  On the way back we also saw porpoises and a Baskin Shark.

We had to leave Betty Bus behind when we took the ferry to Iona to see the Abbey, but we rewarded her with a drive back along the coastal road.

We spent some time watching wild eagles (Thanks to the RAF who flew over and scared them out of the tree) and went on a tour of the local distillery. We visited Calgary, where the weather finally turned and we had to give up with our plan for a BBQ on the beach.

Then it was onto the biggest ferry of the journey for the crossing to Oban on the mainland.


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