Cornwall, Devon and Somerset

We had a plan to go to the Lake District for a week, but the weather forecast was horrid.  It was horrid everywhere.  It was least horrid in the southwest, so that’s were we headed.

First stop, Highertown campsite near St Austel.  We wandered down to the beach and we cycled to the nearby picturesque fishing village of Polperro.

From there we headed south to the Henry’s campsite on the Lizard, taking in Foy and the views over Falmouth on the way.  Henry’s is quite interesting, I wasn’t expecting the ducks.

We stayed there a couple nights, walking the coastal paths and flying kites on the beaches.

Next stop was Penzance and then onto Land’s End, we stayed at Treen Farm campsite and got ourselves tickets to the Minack Theatre next door.

The most south-Westy!

As the weather got worse we headed north, via St Ives and Newquay’s aquarium, but it got so bad by the time we reached Bude we pulled into the first campsite we saw (Bude C&CC) and stopped there overnight.

With better weather the next day, we visited Port Issac, home of the TV series Doc Martin.  Having never watched it, the quaint little village was all new to us!

From there we headed into Bude and stopped for an ice cream.  Then onto  Morte Point campsite at Woolacombe were we did some walking along the cliffs and kite flying on the beaches.

We cycled some of the Tarka trail, which is a great idea but I thought it failed somehow in the execution.  Not well signed in places and not clear advice on where to park.

We headed along the coast to minehead for more ice creams, then inland to Cheddar Gorge where we stayed the night at the Mendip Heights campsite.  The do fresh bread and croissants there, which is very nice, as well as discounted tickets to the caves at the Gorge, so we got some of those as well.

After a day in and around Cheddar Gorge we headed home, happy to have made the most of some pretty miserable weather.

Cheddar’s most famous product…Cheddar.


4 thoughts on “Cornwall, Devon and Somerset

  1. Hi

    I’m Neri from Porto (Portugal)
    Just found your blog and found it very interesting and have been reading through it. (I love reading about T4 camper experiences) 🙂
    I have a 200.000km, 1994 T4, 2.4D Carthago Malibu (is not a Westfalia but….. … is better 🙂 )
    Well the fact is that I used to fear the hills as I noticed you do, but only since I read this truck in a Spanish forum:
    (I don’t know if you can read Spanish but the photos are self explanatory)

    I tried it (after all is just a simple iron ring in the throttle cable that we can take off if we like) and it was a miracle, it looked like a much more powerful engine!!!

    Try it if you want (I did it my self and I have two left hands) and tell me after how it goes.

    Hope I helped
    All the best

  2. Hi Neri, thanks for kind comments and the link – we’ll take a look. One of us can read Spanish…

    Porto, nice bridge across the river if I remember – but it is hard to remember because there was lots of wonderful port to drink!

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