Brecon Beacons

I remember it clearly.  It was a thursday evening and we were looking at a very sunny weather forecast for the coming weekend.  The sun!  It felt so long since we’d felt the sun on our bones.  So it wasn’t really a question of should we go away somewhere, but more a question of where shall we go?

We decided on the Brecon Beacons for a weekend of walking in the hills, so we chucked the sleeping bags and the walking kit in the back of Betty Bus and headed off straight from work on Friday night, straight into the rush hour…err free flowing traffic. For once the accident was on the other side of the motorway and no one seemed interested in stopping to gawk.  We were even more pleasantly surprised at the Severn Bridge crossing to only be charged the car rate. As we crossed into Wales it was getting late, so once again we found ourselves a service station to spend the night in.

Saturday morning saw us searching for a forestry car park near Talybont reservoir for the start point of our planned walk over Fan Y Big.  The roads were steep, narrow and winding, but a rejuvenated Betty Bus took them in her stride.

Although the day started cloudy, as the day drew on the cloud lifted and we were rewarded with clear blue skys and bright sunshine.  The views from the hilltops went on for miles, with just a slight haze in the air.  Plenty of snow and ice still around, but nothing that made walking difficult.

We camped overnight at Parc Bryn Bach,  shielded from the wind between 2 larger motorhomes.

I suppose that camping by a lake we should have expected the ducks…  Apparently the geese honked all night (says Rosana).  We took a stroll around the lake and watched he birds perform a murmuration before we retired back to the van, wacked the heating up and cooked a delicious sausage and fennel pasta meal, the recipe from the Campervan Cookbook.  Well recomended!  Guess it was pretty cold overnight as the lake froze, hence the unhappy geese.

Sunday saw a marked change in the weather, not the forecast sunshine, but low cloud and a biting cold wind.  We had planned a walk over Cribyn and Pen Y Fan, but the conditions were very different to Saturday.  As the wind whipped us, ice started forming on our hats!  Although a more challenging day, it was lovely walk with some fantastic views once we were down out of the clouds.

And then the long run home.  Until the next adventure…


4 thoughts on “Brecon Beacons

  1. Great photos, reminding me of times past! The ledge with the standing figure (you, presumably?) is familiar as a pleasing viewpoint to have a convenient break from walking, where our friend Jim inadvertently left his map pouch; luckily it was still there when he rushed back, just as another walker was about to ‘liberate’ it.

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