Volksworld Show 2013

It was bitterly cold and we attempted to chip the lumps of ice and frozen snow from Betty Bus so that we could make it to St Albans for 8 o’clock in the morning to join the Herts VW Club cruise to VolksWorld.  The diesel heater had been running for a while, but that had only just managed to raise the internal temperature of the van to just above freezing.

As we arrived in the car park at the meeting place we thought we’d missed them.  We’d been expecting to be one of the newest vehicles there at a mere 21 (and a bit) years old.  But the weather and a series of mishaps had seen just a few hardy souls turn up, and all in much newer cars than us.  So at a bit after 8 o’clock, we joined the convoy of a Golf, a Polo and a Lupo for the hour long trip to Sandown park.   Not quite what we’d been expecting.

On the journey down, the roads were ominously free of VWs.  Was anyone else going?

The show was nice enough, it was our first visit and if I’m honest, we’re more into the camping thing than the car thing or even the VW scene.  But the number of campervans in the car park bought a smile our faces and the examples on display inside were just stunning.  We got to meet Herbie, watched the Cool flo BMX display and also enjoyed the camper van cooking session with Martin Dorey (we’ve posted before about cooking from his cookbooks) and are seriously considering a mini smoker now – the smell was just great.

Here’s a few pictures from the day.


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