A Campervan Abroad

Beep.  Hummmmmmmm.  Beep.  Hummmmmmmm.  Beep.  Hummmmmmmm.  Beep.

“What’s making that beeping noise? It’s something in the back of the van.”

“It’s something in the ferry terminal, you can hear it when you are outside.”

Beep.  Hummmmmmmm.  Beep.  Hummmmmmmm.  Beep.

“Are you sure, sounds like it is coming from in here.”

“Yes, it’s because the windows are open a bit.”

Beep.  Hummmmmmmm.  Beep.  Hummmmmmmm.  Beep.  Hummmmmmmm.  Beep.



Beep.  Hummmmmmmm.  Beep.  Hummmmmmmm.  Beep.

We spent the first night of the trip camped in the ticket office car park of the ferry terminal in Dunkerque.  Can you imagine doing that at Dover?  They’re cool about this sort of thing on the Continent.  We spent the first night listening to a beeping noise.

We’d left work, actually more or less when we agreed to, and headed down to Dover for a late evening crossing to Dunkerque.

After that, we didn’t really have a plan.

That’s not strictly true, we did have a sort of a plan, to head for the south of Germany, the Alps, Lake Constance and the Black Forest.  Then the rain came, central Europe suffered severe flooding and that plan floated out of the window.

We had a Bord Atlas, which details motorhome stopovers and campsites across Germany.  We had an ACSI card, which gives discount camping across participating campsites across Europe during the low season.  We had a not very detailed map and some guide books.  And we had a weather forecast, which said it was nice in the north of Germany, so that’s where we headed.  We had a vague thought that we could maybe get as far as Denmark and back in the couple of weeks that we had.

We woke to a beautiful morning in Dunkerque, opened the fridge to get breakfast sorted and opened the map and a guide book.  Except the fridge wasn’t very cold, not the 6c that it was set to.  The beeping.  It was the fridge’s electronics telling us that it is not happy about something.  Better eat all this food then…

Over cereal and slightly warm dairy products we checked the map and the guide books, discussed various plans, checked for Umwelt Zones and asked Mrs TomTom how long it would take to get places.  It was decided.

First stop: Xanten.


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