The A-Team Approach

Yes, yes, we really should be working on getting the blog updated with travel tales from Germany, squirrel tails from the Isle of Wight and lizard tails from the New Forest, but…

She passed.

It’s a nervous time of year, a nervous hour in the customer waiting room while drinking vending machine coffee.  An hour and a half before I had been frantically wondering why the fog lamp wasn’t working.  But there is was, a freshly printed MOT certificate in my somewhat grubby hand.  The guy at the testing station seemed surprised that I was surprised.  So, err… no problem with the smoke test?  Nope, through first time.  Wow.  Not bad for a van with a terminally ill fuel pump.

We needed to celebrate!  How do you best celebrate your camper van passing it’s health check?  There is only one way really, a road trip.

Of course, it’s peak season here in the UK, school holidays.  So some level of planning seemed prudent.  Some kind of plan needed to be devised.  At 3.30pm on a Friday afternoon.

A quick search on found a selection of campsites with availability.  One was in King’s Lynn.  We’d never been there, so after a quick google found there was an interesting looking castle nearby (Castle Rising).  The beaches looked okay and the weather forecast was alright.  More googling and we found there was an airshow taking place at the Shuttleworth Collection on Sunday, about half way back, so that was that.  A few clicks and we had ourselves a pretty good plan.   An old fashioned phone call later and Dan’s parents were coming along to the airshow as well.

Someone fictional once said, “I love it when a plan comes together”.  They weren’t wrong.


4 thoughts on “The A-Team Approach

  1. Congrats on passing! Although our *bus* is somewhat newer it’s always a worrying time when they have to go near a garage. Whereabouts on the continent did you go? Looking forward to the A Team’s stories from abroad ^_^
    Until then,
    Greetings from sunny Wales,
    Babs B

    • Cheers. We bimbled around the north of Germany for a couple weeks. Will hopefully get some updates done in the next few weeks, although once the new fuel pump is in we’re off to the lakes for some mountain action 🙂

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