The Road to Münster

We consulted the map and the guide books and decided our next destination would be Münster, for no other reason than it sounded a bit like “monster”.  Yep, one of us really does think like that.  There are no prizes for guessing which one of us.

Münster would be our first Umweltzone challenge, an area  off limits to an ageing diesel powered van.  It wasn’t that we’d forgotten to apply for a sticker, it was just that poor Betty Bus was flatly not allowed.

The guide book said there were a whole bunch of moated castles along the way so we figured we’d take a lazy drive and hit Münster tomorrow.  The Bord Atlas showed a number of suitable stopovers and we made our first choice a marina, so we gave Mrs TomTom the coordinates and enjoyed a pleasant day ambling around castles and buying more freshly baked and exceptionally delicious bread.

The campsite was busy, but we found a spot without anyone too close to us.  These motorhome stopovers are increadibly popular, understandable given their low cost, clean facilities and no restrictive minimum length of stays.

As we sat having a cup of tea beside Betty Bus and examined the map of Münster for clues as to how best avoid being arrested for being old and smokey, a little old lady started chatting away with us.  We managed to interrupt her and apologise profusely for not understanding a word she was saying. We explained we could do English or Spanish if that would help?  Or we could do German as long as we stuck to ordering beer and counting to ten?  Apparently she had a Westy as well, a blue one and was parked a couple of rows closer to the river.  We congratulated her on her choice of camper van and we no longer felt so alone amongst the big white behemoths.

Fridge Status:  Sometimes staying cool when set to -14c, beeping getting really quiet annoying.   Think there is something wrong with it.


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