Alfred Wainwright – Legend

Taking a break from the Germany updates for a moment…

Had it really been a year since we were last in the Lakes?  It had been too long by any standard of measurement.  We chucked the walking boots, rucksacks and the Wainwrights into the van and headed off into the evening.

They call the Wainwright guides the Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells, but that feels wrong, that is wrong.  They are so much more than that.  They are more akin to a set of love letters to the Lake District.  That one man put his time and energy into writing and drawing these walking guides, all we can say is thank you.

Excitement grew as we pootled up the M6 heading first to a campsite near Keswick, then for a few days in Wasdale Head.  After that, we’d see what the weather was doing and how our legs felt.

Unfortunately Rosana wasn’t feeling great, so we left the mountains behind and finished off the trip in the Lake District’s tourist capital Windermere, along with the ghosts of some different kind of legends altogether – Malcolm and Donald Campbell.  The Bluebird K7 shown in the film is a replica.  For information on the restoration of the original Bluebird K7, visit the Bluebird Project.

This is what we saw on the days we remembered to charge the camera.  Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Alfred Wainwright – Legend

  1. Hi. I just signed up as a ‘follower’ on your blog after being totally engrossed reading it from top to bottom. Actually, we’ve already met (a ‘virtual’ meeting on the California Club website – I’m on there as ‘Greyplague’). Like you, we bought an early T4 (’92) Westy, getting it on our retirement in Jan. 2012 – and it’s a white one: looking at your photos is just like looking at ours! We seem to have done many similar trips, although not quite as many as you. Our first trip out was a 2-month round Europe trip – night no. 1 was the first time we’d actually slept in it.
    I’ve meant to start a blog of my own for ages – it looks like you’ve inspired me to make a start at last. We’ve kept a diary on the iPad, so it should be easy once I get going, so watch out for it. I’m also a member of the T4 Forum – very useful, as we do seem, like you, to have the occasional breakdown, although nothing serious as yet (touch wood). The worst one we had was in the south of France, when we were immobile for 4 days with a van that wouldn’t start (it was bank holiday weekend – everything was closed), so we sat tight on the site, 30 yards from the bar/restaurant/pool/shop, in temperatures up to 32ºC! The rescue man got us going in 5 minutes -brilliant! This camper-van lark gets tough at times!
    Now looking forward to your next post(s) – happy travels.
    Cheers & best wishes,
    Geoff & Babs
    P.S. We got married 2 weeks ago (after 19 years together). First night? In the van, of course.

  2. HI Geoff and Babs,

    Congratulations on getting hitched!

    Thanks for the kind comments. Breakdowns are part of the fun and games of an old van, we carry a few LHD specific things as well as V belts around with us now, they don’t take up much room and might get us out of a fix some day. Luckily all our non starter issues happened on the driveway. All fixed now, just need to sort out the noisy tappets and a bit of tin worm in the usual T4 places.

    We will look out for the arrival of your blog, always looking for new things to read for a bit of extra inspiration. The info you gave us on southern Germany was great, such a shame the weather got in the way and we never got there. One for the future for sure.

    Plenty of new posts to come, just need to find a bit of time to write and sort through the photographs.

    Thanks and again, congratulations on the marriage and the Westy honeymoon 🙂

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