Turn Right at the Kangaroos

Getting back to Germany…  It was time to try out our ACSI card.  So far we’d been using the Bord Atlas to find places to camp, but there was nothing that looked suitable near Bielefeld.  At €16 a night it was at the top end of the discount prices offered by the card, but we thought we’d try it anyway.  As we booked into the campsite, the chap on reception gave us directions to the touring pitches.

“Turn right at the kangaroos”.

The kangaroos.  Clearly this was some kind of children’s entertainment feature.

You don’t do you?  You don’t actually expect to go camping with real live marcupials leaping around the place, at least not unless you are in the antipodes anyway.

They had ducks and geese too.  And monkeys.  We really weren’t very sure where we were any more.

We’d come for the hills and the forest, but there was an important decision to be made.  The fridge was dead, should we do something about it?  Or just give up and accept that the cheese was a bit warm?

The campsite was supposed to have wireless networking, but it only appeared to be working in the campsite bar.  A hardship for sure but we decided it was a hardship worth enduring, so off we headed to do some serious research into where we might be able to get help with our fridge.  A local VW garage might know a thing or two about the modern California and it couldn’t be that different, could it?

So that became our plan.  The next day we would head off on our new quest, Operation Fix The Fridge.  With our future decided we ordered another round of drinks.

We missed out on the showers, they’d broken at some point in the morning and the maintenance chap was busy trying to fix them.  So we started on our quest slightly grubbier than expected.

The local VW garage couldn’t help.  They gave us directions to a VW Commercial centre.  They couldn’t help either, but gave us directions to a motorhome dealer just down the road.  They couldn’t help us fix the fridge, but Marius who we spoke with went above and beyond to find someone who could help.  It’s been said before that you often meet the nicest people when you’re broken down.  He eventually tracked down a shop in Kassel who said they may be able to help.  It wasn’t exactly in the direction we’d been thinking of heading, but what the heck, our entire plan was based around not really having a plan wasn’t it?

With an afternoon free, we looked at the map, looked at where Kassel was and picked a random place to visit on the way.  We chose Detmold and what a charming place it turned out to be.  Lots of ye olde worlde buildings, riverside walks and importantly, really rather a lot of ice cream parlors.

With an appointment in Kassel the next day, we picked a campsite in that general direction, but that was full.   This was a bit of luck because our next choice in Bad Pyrmont was absolutely idyllic.  Nestled in the hills, surrounded by trees and full of birdlife.  €10 a night including electricity, water and some of the best campsite showers we’ve ever experienced.

We were happy.  We were clean.

Fridge Status: Cupboard.


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