Operation Fix the Fridge

Now, where were we?  Ah yes, somewhere in Germany with a mind to fix the fridge.

We rocked up at the repair shop and eventually communicated that we were the van with the broken fridge and that they were expecting us.  We showed the guy the fridge.  We turned the fridge on.  We did our best to impersonate a broken fridge so he would know what to listen for.

The fridge cooled down.

The fridge ran quietly.

The fridge stayed cold.

We looked sheepish.

We sat and had our lunch while the fridge continued to work.  After an hour or so of the fridge being as cold as can be we gave in, said goodbye to the repair shop and drove off, deciding to start our journey north again, but first heading back to Bad Pyrmont because it was such a lovely place to be.  First stop though was a supermarket to restock the working fridge.

With a restocked fridge we headed for the countryside.  We’d seen pictures of a big monument that was perched on top of a hill, so went to try and find it.

Back at our idyllic campsite, we had dinner and sat outside the van enjoying the total peacefulness of our surroundings.

Life was good.


Fridge Status: Faking it.


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