Overland to Stratford

Reading through Betty’s Twitter feed on Tuesday, an unusual tweet jumped out.  We hadn’t seen the Adventure Overland Show advertised anywhere before, it sounded exciting and as we had nothing planned for the weekend and it wasn’t too far away we decided to visit.

We don’t consider Betty Bus to be an overland vehicle by any means, she once had to be towed out of a flat grass field and she certainly couldn’t outrun a lion, so when we  arrived at the campsite on Friday evening we were pleasantly surprised to see a great many campervans there as well as the more traditional kind of overland vehicles that we’d been expecting.  We ended up being surrounded by other VWs, maybe the marshals thought we’d want to be together?  Safety in numbers and all that.

Lots of interesting stuff at the show and we got ourselves a tripod to hang our Dutch oven from.  We dropped by the Campervan Culture stand to meet the people behind the videos and chatted with Jed about wild camping for a while, an interesting and helpful guy and we love his whole approach to camping.

One of the presentations that we wanted to attend was Simon Jaratt‘s session about his adventures in a van very much like Betty Bus and we spent quite some time chatting with him afterwards over a cup of tea, about his travels and about his van.  Simon happily shared his knowledge with us about living in a small van long term.  It’s useful to know what sort of punishment our little vans can take.  It’s also great to know that we’re not the  only ones who get stuck in flat grass fields!

While chatting with Simon, we were introduced to Joe, an inspirational young lad who’s driving his Mini to Nordkapp in January.  The plan seems like madness, but after talking with him you can tell he’s thought it through and knows his stuff.  Good luck Joe, we’ll be following your blog for sure.


6 thoughts on “Overland to Stratford

  1. Hi
    I’m Neri from Portugal
    can you please tell-me if you have made it your self our have bought your “upper tent” insulations.
    If you have bought it can you please tell me, where, and for how much?
    Thank you in advance.


  2. HI Neri, nice to hear from you again.

    We were going to make one ourselves from greenhouse insulation, but never found the time, so we bought this one from Brickwerks (http://www.brickwerks.co.uk/index.php/). I can’t see it on their website any more though 😦

    I think an equivalent is available from Pucer: http://shop.darenpucerscreens.co.uk/products/126632–t4-silver-screen.aspx

    They are not cheap, but they are well made and work really well.

  3. Hi
    Thank you for your answer.
    I’m trying to find a time to look for the adequate fabrik as my T4 is a Carthago Malibu, not listed as standard in any suplier.
    There is also a spanish suplier http://www.thaissl.com/ with a litle diferent product, somewaht cheaper, but I dont know how good is their fabric…
    All the best to you 🙂

  4. The Spanish ones look similar to the Cali Toppers that are available here. They seem to work, but look awkward to put on to me, although the owners of them assure me that they are not.

    Pucer list Carthago as supported in the drop down menu, but does not give the model name. It might be worth sending them an email to see if this is the same model as yours?

    If you are making your own, try your local garden centre or DIY store. A similar material is sold to insulate greenhouses (the glass houses for growing plants in, just in case that doesn’t translate well!)

  5. Hi again 🙂
    Yes Pucer list Carthago but, as you say, the model is missing and there are several and very different kinds of tops on Cathago´s VW T4 (and is also expensive 🙂 ).
    I will look for the fabric, thank you for your tips.

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