Heading North

Once more back to the Germany story.  We may even may even finish this one day…

We gave up.  It was clear the the fridge did not want to work, nor did it wish to be fixed.  With a tub of slightly warm butter in our hands, we switched it off.

With that distraction out of the way, we turned our full attention to the map.

Across the north coast of Germany lie a series of islands.  The looked pretty from where we sat, so we figured we’d head that way, probably over the course of a couple of days.

We went for a wander around the local woods, had a long and pleasant conversation with an old lady with whom we didn’t share a single word of common language skills, before heading into the town of Bad Pyrmont itself.  It was a pretty enough place with a little castle to visit .

We pushed on towards Cloppenburg, stopping only to refill on strawberries at a roadside shack.  We’d seen that the town of Cloppenburg had a large open air museum that looked interesting.  We stopped overnight in a campsite next to a sports centre and headed into town and the museum the next day.

We popped into town first as we’d decided to finally get a decent map.  The rest of the day was spent in the open air museum which was full of old buildings that had been transported to the site and preserved.  It was a fascinating insight into how the north of Germany lived during less industrial times.

From there we headed north again, now on a mission of sorts to reach the north coast, stopping at a marina in the small town of Großefehn-Timmel for the night.

The adjacent bar was having a bbq buffet, so we took our map, guidebooks and euros and abandoned the van for a few hours to drink beer and eat bratwursts.  Well, at €6 to camp for the night, we had cash left over to spend in the local shops and restaurants.

Fridge Status:  Off


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