The Town Musicians

As we sat alone in the car park at the Emden Knock ferry terminal we pondered our next move.

Find another ferry to Borkum or do something different?  The map came out again.  The guide book came out.

Bremen looks pretty”

“Let’s got to Bremen then”

Decision making at it’s finest.

Another Umweltzone to contend with, but a large car park on the outskirts of the zone and next to the train station solved that problem.  Bremen is a pretty and lively city full of old buildings, pieces of art and narrow streets surrounding large and open squares.  The most famous piece of art is the Town Musicians and it’s good luck to rub the donkey’s nose.  We rubbed his nose and hoped for better luck catching ferries in the future.

Over coffee in one of the city’s many cafes we wondered about where to go next.  It had to be Helgoland,  a lonely rock in the North Sea.  When would we get the chance to go there again?  There were various ferry options, plus the possibility of flying.  The ferry from Cuxhaven looked like the best bet.  We found a campsite in Dorum in the ACSI guide which wasn’t too far away, plus had a most unusual lighthouse next to it.

We settled in under the most colourful sunset.


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