Das Boot

Dan was quite sure he’d died and gone to heaven.  This morning he’d woken up in the campervan and now he was in the engine room of a U-Boat.  He pinched himself to make sure it wasn’t a dream.  Do days get any better than this?  Rosana looked unimpressed.  It was cramped and hot.  She wanted an ice cream.

After our trip to Helgoland it was time to grudgingly accept that we needed to start heading back in the vague direction of France and our ferry home.  But the trip wasn’t over yet and the maritime museum in Bremerhaven sounded good.  There are two parts to the museum, the bit inside the building which has some fantastic exhibits, then there are a number of old and interesting ships moored in the harbour.  One of which was a Type XXI U-Boat.  It was a massive step forward in submarine design when it was introduced and it’s a fortunate thing that only two made it into service at the tail end of WWII.  If they’d been introduced earlier the outcome could have been very different.  As Churchill famously wrote, “the only thing that ever really frightened me during the war was the U-boat peril“.  And these were the most perilous of the time.

After and afternoon climbing in and out of various ships’ engine rooms we tracked down some ice cream and had a think about what to do next.

“It’s a shame we didn’t get to Borkum, it looked nice”

“I’m quite sure it’s on the way home.  We can get a ferry tomorrow”

Our planning sessions were becoming very effective, but given our recent history of catching ferries we decided it was prudent to go and find the ferry terminal this evening and check that there were actually ferries tomorrow.  Not only were we able to find the terminal, but we found the nearest car park as well.  We had a plan.  All we needed now was somewhere to sleep.

We perused the Bord Atlas.  Not to far from the ferry terminal was a restaurant that was offering free camping and showers if you ate and drank there.  No discussion was needed really, We parked up, made ourselves clean and ate well.


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