Another year

It’s now two years since we brought home an old camper van to see how we got on with it before buying a newer, more shiny one.  As with any Betty Bus occasion we celebrated with a road trip, this time to have fish and chips on Whitby pier.

A few stats from the second year:

  • 7,100 miles travelled
  • 49 nights away
  • 4 ferry journeys
  • 6 Countries travelled through
  • And importantly, she did not need rescuing by the RAC, although she did break down on the driveway.  Twice.

Let’s see where the next year gets us…


4 thoughts on “Another year

  1. These vans go forever, don’t they! 🙂
    So nice to see you two enjoying Betty Bus, the california.
    We’ve had ours now for 9 months and travelled also 7100 miles, 6 Countries travelled through, 29 nights away, no ferry 😉 and no break down.
    Let us hope we all can keep going on strong.
    We also thought: let’s check a camper van and see if we like it. Now we don’t want to do ours away, ever.

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