Having a Whale of a Time

We managed to catch the ferry to Borkum this time and we hardly had to rush at all.  Maybe just a little bit.  But really, getting to the island of Borkum was quite a stress free affair.  It looked lovely in the guide book, with some unusual features and the possibility of seals.

The ferry terminal on Borkum is quite a long way from anywhere else on the island.  For foot passengers there is a train service into the main town, but we had our bikes along with no real sense of direction or map to guide us.

So we followed everyone else who was on a bike.  The thing with euro bikes is that they all have bells.  We don’t have bells.  A bell on a mountain bike is an annoyance.  Maybe not so much for Rosana who is very sensible, but we have to bear in mind that Dan is an idiot and more so on a bike.  As we reached the edge of the town we found a bike shop, so decided it was time to fit bells.  Dan got a cool black one with a shark on it.  Rosana got a pink one with a princess on it.  Rosana was not happy with Dan.  Dan giggled to himself quite a bit.

 photo IMGP1686_zps17cff76c.jpg

As with most places, our first stop was tourist information.  With our shiny new map we headed off.  The first thing we wanted to see was the whale bone fence.  While we don’t condone whaling, at least every part of a whale was put to use.  On Borkum that meant using whale bones for home fencing.  It was quite impressive.

 photo IMGP1695_zps20a74ff0.jpg

 photo IMGP1690_zps2abacfa8.jpg

From there it was to the huge sandy beaches.  Large sandy beaches are not something that you would necessarily associate with Germany, but Borkum has them in abundance.  After being reprimanded by the police for cycling where we shouldn’t, we locked up the bikes and went looking for seals.  We found them but on a cordoned off section of beach and a very long way away.  We considered it mission accomplished and headed off for a ride around the island, taking in the wildlife and eventually stopping for an enormous ice cream with strawberries.  It was strawberry season after all and Germans take their seasonal food very seriously.

 photo IMG_0479_zps20f7a749.jpg

 photo IMGP1694_zps0cb93209.jpg

 photo IMGP1699_zpsf09b0a78.jpg


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