More Power!

In this modern age we travel with devices that could only have been imagined back when Betty Bus emerged from Westfalia’s workshops and these devices all need power, they all need charging and for many modern gadgets that means a USB plug.

All our power points are nestled behind the driver’s seat, two 240v (european style) sockets for when we have hookup and a single 12v DIN (Hella) socket. Charging anything via a USB port involves a converter from DIN to cigarette lighter and then a USB hub plugged into that.

It was a mess of cables. Worse, it was a mess of cables in a confined space. It was time to fix this, it was time to install a USB socket or two.

We used a Blue Sea socket which we got from Campervan Culture, for no other reason than we like their videos!

The first job was to unplug the van from the mains electric and disconnect the batteries. On early Westfalia’s there may be two batteries that need disconnecting.

Removing the panel involves undoing the seatbelt retaining bolt, any screws fixing the panel to the cupboard and then unclipping from behind the driver’s door seal. Once forward a little, the 12v socket, 240v sockets and fuse box can all be unplugged. It’s a bit awkward and fiddly, patience is your friend.

Pay attention to that white plug.

We spurred off the DIN Socket and added new cable between the DIN socket and the white socket as you can see in the above photograph, double checking to be sure to get the polarity right.

If doing this, you probably want to move the USB socket to the left a little as there is bundle of cables behind where we have put it. It looks like it will fit, but someone forgot to take into account the spade connectors and it makes it a bit awkward.

From behind

Jumper cable

Wired up


Socket in position

It works! Testing with the cheapest and most expendable USB device we had.

Surprisingly effective fan


6 thoughts on “More Power!

  1. A chip off the old block, I can see that all those years of wiring up electric boats has not gone amiss. I do have a fire extinguisher if you need one!!

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