Our Facebook friends and Instagram followers will have already seen this, but in case anyone was wondering why the blog has been a bit quiet recently, well, this happened…

The shame, rescued by two T5s!

Aside from the embarrassment of being rescued by not one, but two T5s, the problem was unfortunately quite serious. A valve broke, dropping into a cylinder. The end result was a destroyed cylinder head, piston and conrod. It wasn’t pretty. Readers of a sensitive disposition should look away now.

Piston broke


So we’re off the road for a while the engine is rebuilt by trained professionals.

We’ll be back to adventuring and drinking tea in muddy fields as soon as we can.


9 thoughts on “Spanners

  1. Hi
    I had to change the engine head and piston rings to years ago, apart from all those little bits.
    Its hard, but we go out with a brand new “heart”.
    Good luck

    • Thanks. We’re doing the piston rings and a few other jobs (injector refurb, shells) as well while the engine is in bits. We were thinking about a recon next winter anyway as we would have been approaching 200k miles (injectors and camshaft are every 100k I think?) and she was starting to smoke a little under heavy load.

      We’re removing the turbo mod while we’re at it. Partly to sell and raise some money! But also to simplify the engine. It’s not giving us much extra power anyway.

      Looking forward to having what will almost be a new engine 🙂

    • Thanks Paula. Like the look of your new T3, have a bit of a soft spot them – only really bought a T4 instead because we thought it would be more reliable!

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