Cali’s on the Farm 2014

This year’s Cali’s on the Farm event, organised but the California Owners Forum moved to Somerset and a much larger venue for the anticipated 150 vans. Predominately a T5 based VW California meeting, there were not too many Westfalia California vans at this years event, only three poptops – Koen and Jennifer all the way from Belgium, Ben, Hazel and their son (sorry, forgotten your name!) and us all with 1991 vans – and Peter and his California Exclusive.

A pleasant weekend, caught up with a few people we met last year, put faces to people we’d only met in Internetland and met some new people.

The three 1991 Cali’s. All looking pretty good for their age.
The 3 1991 Westfalia Californias

Team Westfalia!
Westfalia display team

Betty and her long lost sister. Registered one week apart, the last time they saw each other was at the Westfalia factory.

Betty Bus
Betty Bus

The event was across the road from the beach. Strong winds meant for challenging flying conditions though!

The Electric field
The electric field

Dinner. Ribs, slow cooked in the rain…


4 thoughts on “Cali’s on the Farm 2014

  1. It’s good to see Betty Bus meeting up with her long long sister and other extended family. I just wish they’d hold this in a more central location so those of us from the north could attend …

  2. I fully agree with the above sentiment. We could have made it 4 Westies but for the distance.
    We did consider a ‘Yorkshire’ campout in September, but other things got in the way. Hopefully we’ll do it next spring. Anyone interested, particularly Westfalias?

  3. It’s a tricky one, I expect, organising a “whole nation” event in a location that is acceptable for all. This one was a long way for us for a weekend, so we had to combine it with a few extra days nearby to make it a worthwhile journey.

    I think the regional events thing is a more practical approach to these kind of get togethers, or maybe moving it around the country each year? If anyone knows of a good location more centrally located (150 vans, trade and entertainment allowed), let the guys on the forum know, maybe it can move to a more central location in the future? I think they’ve already committed to the same location for next year.

    Geoff – a meeting of Westfalias would be a thing to behold for sure! I know there’s lots out there, keep bumping into them (not literally!)

  4. for us also a very pleasant weekend! We made a great holiday in England of it. Now we have got the taste of it, we want to go back and explore more of your beautiful island. Nice meeting you, Bettybus! And of course all the other people, some new for us, some we’ve met at the Champagne meeting in France last year. See you later.

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