(Don’t) Throw Out Your Television

A Sparrowhawk flys past, clutching something fluffy in its talons. It’s something neither of us has seen in the wild before. It’s a wonderful sight, if not a wonderful experience for the fluffy meal.

The previous evening, a damp Friday night, we had found ourselves flicking through the programmes on BBC iPlayer looking for something to watch. Finding old episodes of One Man and His Campervan we’d settled down with a bottle of wine to watch Martin drive his old bay window camper through the New Forest, camping at Hollands Wood campsite.

It looked lovely and we were inspired. First thing Saturday we had jumped in the van with a plan that lacked in any kind of originality and made our way south to the New Forest to get ourselves a pitch at Hollands Wood.

And what a fantastic weekend it was, the forest was green and vibrant and bursting with life. Newborn foals, just getting used their gangly legs, wobbled after their mothers while cows munched contentedly at the roadside grass. Donkeys invaded the nearby village of Brockenhurst. And birds of prey flew past, clutching fluffy things.

Thank you television!




Little horse




2 thoughts on “(Don’t) Throw Out Your Television

  1. Hello Betty Bus drivers
    Yes! Summer is here and really, when we’re on the road our little doughter has no need for TV. Just spent a weekend in Holland, visiting the Efteling, and we’re leaving on Saturday for the Cotswolds – staying on Cotswold View Park. Still in doubt wether we ‘d come to Cali’s on the farm, would be nice to meet some “internauts”… Will peak in your England posts for inspiration! Looked up the series you mentioned, but didn’t find it. Instead came accross the Camper Van Coast – bought the book for summer reading but probably don’t have that cooking capabilities 🙂

    • Hello Brugseb, we’ve not got around to visiting the Cotswolds yet, but from what I’ve seen it’s a beautiful area. If you do make it to Calis On The Farm and want to spend some more time in that area, Cheddar Gorge and Wookey Hole are nearby and worth visiting. We won’t be there this year, but it looks like it will be a good one. One Man and his Campervan is available on iTunes apparently (http://www.martindorey.com/my-tv-series/) and at a guess it’s probably on you tube somewhere, lots of cooking inspiration and ideas for places to go in his book. Have a great trip 🙂

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