Flying Legends

The noise is fantastic as one by one they take to the sky. Eleven of them in total, different marks, different colour schemes. Some are Merlin powered, some Griffon. A couple of them have the squared off wing tips for better maneuverability. But all unmistakably Spitfires. What a sight, what a sound and what a start to the annual Flying Legends show at Duxford.


Traffic getting into the show can be quite heavy, so we’d camped nearby to ease the journey. Chatting to the guy camped across from us in his van it turned out he and his teenage son were going as well. A real airplane nut, he made the journey down from Scotland every year for the show. He spoke of the time he got to fly a Mustang and you could still see the joy and excitement in his face as he recalled the experience. As van owners tend to do we checked out each others’ vans and while we were impressed with his electric blinds, we quite easily convinced his son that their van needed a poptop roof.


Featuring predominately 1940’s era piston engined fighters, with a few bombers thrown in for good measure, the show was a feast for the ears as well as the eyes.

The show finales with a mass flypast of the show aircraft, the huge crowd treated wave after wave of historic machines. They don’t make them like that anymore…












2 thoughts on “Flying Legends

    • It was an awesome noise. We saw the two Lancasters together last year and that was a great noise too 🙂 Off to see the Vulcan next, last chance before it’s grounded at the end of the season 😦

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