Good Times, Bad Times

It’s been pretty quiet on here of late. Betty Bus hasn’t seen much use over the winter months, in fact we struggled to find time to run the engine in.

Sadly, we’ve decided it’s time for Betty Bus to find new owners and she’s up for sale.

We only intended to keep her for a year, to find out if we liked the campervan life before committing to a newer, more expensive van. But over five years later and we’ve had some great adventures with her. Sure, we had our share of frustrating moments and breakdowns that come with driving an older vehicle, but now we look back on them and they weren’t so bad and we met some lovely people along the way.

Now it’s time for us to move on to that newer van and for someone else to create memories with Betty.

Thanks for reading the blog and contributing to the comments, we hope you’ve enjoyed the travels, maybe even been inspired to visit some of the places we wrote about.

Hopefully we’ll be back with a new blog soon.

If you are interested in buying Betty, you can find her advertised on eBay.

Happy travels,
Dan & Rosana

Bye bye Betty


Happy Campers

We’ve been featured over at Wild About Scotland, a campervan blog focused on beautiful Scotland. They’re doing a series of interviews with campervan owners called Happy Campers. You can read our interview, and lots of other interesting things by clicking here.